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Company Profile

Our love for music and the permanent search of "clean" and "crystal" sound led us to the beginning of the 80's to experimentations which led us to the creation of our first loudspeakers.


The realization...
Our Hobby through years of effort and permanent search for clean sound became part of our life and our work. The knowledge that acquired with all these years of experiments as well as with intense study had to be shared with all the friends of music.
The beginning of 90s' found us completely prepared to manufacture loudspeakers and audio furniture of high quality.

Our appearance in the Greek market came with the creation and presentation of our first completed loudspeaker line in 1999.That year we where ready to participate for first time in the "High end show of Thessaloniki" while simultaneous samples of our work were presented in the Hi fi press and audio forums where they extracted also exceptional reviews.


The resent past...
In 2006 after continuous research and study Mythos presents a completely upgraded range of speakers and furniture that (as their predecessors) gain the looks with the simplicity and the dynamism that impose their frugal lines. In May 2006, Mythos opened a door in the world of friends of music, with the first attendance in international show in the "High End Show of Munich" in Germany.


The facilities...
In our completely organized and equipped facilities each speaker and furniture is manufactured, assembled and is dyed in the hand by the experienced personnel and passes from technical and qualitative control. Thus we are sure that all Mythos Audio "children" reach in the hands of purchaser without the least fault.

In our show room, where you can us visit daily, the demonstration rooms have been shaped in such a way that you hear music feeling the warmth and the calm that only your personal space offers to you. 


Our relation with the customers does never stop. We are next to our customers in order to help them whatever they need, we give any advice as long as it concerns the sound and our products as well as we discuss with them for technical and not subjects. All of our products have our permanent care and are completely upgradable of future changes.


Welcome to the world of Mythos audio!
Seat comfortably and enjoy music!

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